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Discussion of options and approach


Here you professional will discuss this part of the process and your options.  You can ask any questions.


Third Party Involvement and Other Legal Duties


At this stage we need to consider whether structural calculations are required, whether a party wall agreement is needed and whether a build-over agreement is needed.  We will advise you of the process and everything that is required.  We will let you know if we need to involve any third-party professionals at this stage.


Detailed Design 


This is the stage where we produce the detailed drawings that will be submitted to building control.  Once signed off these drawings will be the blueprint for your builder to work from.


You can choose to start work earlier without Full Plans sign off, this is via a route called a Building Notice.  If you go down this route it is essential that you appoint a competent contractor as they will be solely responsible for making sure that their work is compliant with the building regulations.  We can produce drawings as guidance documents for your contractor if you don’t wish to pursue the full plans route.




Here you should use the detailed drawings which we produce as the basis for your discussions with contractors.  Meeting a minimum of 3-4 should give you a better idea of price ranges and help you decide who is best for your project


Submission of Application


Once you are happy, we will submit your building regulations application to your chosen approved inspector or the local authority.  We will act as your agent and ensure that you have sign off of drawings for your chosen contractor to use.


Budget Check!


Its time to make a final budget check.  At this stage, you should have a very clear idea of the costs involved. You should, however, allow for a 10% contingency budget to be on the safe side.

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