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Domestic Extensions


Where Do I Start With A Domestic Extension Build?


A Domestic extension project can be an outstanding way to add space and value to your house.  Your best starting point is to contact an architectural professional for a consultation.  You may already have an idea of what you want to do or may be looking for some inspiration.  Single storey, two stories, side, rear, wraparound or infill, the options are endless, luckily, the team at Planitel can guide you through this and give you some ideas that will fit your needs and budgets.


What Drawings Do I Need For A Domestic Extension Build?


Most houses come with an allowance for permitted development, which means you can often go ahead and extend within certain limits without planning permission.  We do however recommend that in this situation, you submit drawings for a lawful development certificate, this will ensure that your project is legal from a planning perspective. 


For many situations, you will need a full planning application and will need drawings for this.  Planitel can manage this whole process for you and produce all drawings and documents


You will always need building regulations drawings for both building control and your chosen builder.  This will often include structural drawings and calculations.


How Much Will It Cost To Get Architectural Drawings For A Domestic Extension Build?


Every job is unique, we will provide you with a bespoke quotation for your specific needs.  Contact us for a free consultation

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