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Why you need an Architect for your Home Extension

Updated: May 8, 2019

As the No1 architectural design service in the South East, we’re hit with a lot of questions. Surprisingly, one of the most common is; why do you need an architect for a home extension?

A lot of homeowners wonder if they can do it all themselves because they know the overall design idea and have drawn up some sketches. But, the role of architectural consultation extends beyond just designing the extension. As such, there are plenty of reasons you need an architect to help with this!

Detailed visualisation of your extension

One of the brilliant things about architects is that we have access to some high-tech design equipment. Instead of creating a 2D image on a piece of paper, we can help create a 3D visualisation of your extension. This gives you a more accurate look at what your home will look like with this addition.

It’ll surprise you how different a detailed 3D architectural design is to a 2D drawing. Certain things that looked good on paper suddenly don’t seem so great. By seeing your designs in more detail, it prevents instances where you build your extension and are unhappy with how things have translated from paper to reality.

More in-depth & experienced design ideas

Additionally, an architectural consultation can help you think about your extension design in an entirely new way. Architects offer a different perspective - largely thanks to the experience we have in designing buildings. Instead of just looking at things from a visual standpoint, we take things like space into account as well. This enables us to come up with unique design ideas that make ensure you get the most out of your extension based on your needs and desires.

As such, you could come to us and see that our design is entirely different from yours. We come up with something that you never would’ve imagined, and you absolutely love it. It’s good to get different perspectives now and then, and an architect can offer this.

Professional assistance with planning & management

Let’s be honest; how much do you know about planning permissions?or Land Registry Plans Are you aware of if you need planning permission for your extension - and do you know how to get it? It can be harder than you think, and this is one of the main reasons a lot of people need an architect for home extensions. We can assist you in the whole planning permission process, ensuring that you get the permission you need.

Following on from this, an architect can help manage the building process for you as well. We’ll oversee things to make sure the finished article matches your design. Plus, as architects, we know all the building and safety regulations to be concerned with. So, we make sure your extension is built in accordance with them!

As you can see, an architect brings lots of benefits to your home extension. Overall, if you want to ensure that everything is done professionally - from start to finish - then you need an architect.

Bearing that in mind, if you need help with your extension, then feel free to get in touch with us today. We’re the No1 architectural design service in the South East, so we’re confident that you’ll benefit from our service.

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