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Producing the documents and material choices


Your professional will now develop your proposals further and take them to a stage with all relevant material for your planning application.  This is the stage where you may wish to speak about the materials that you would like to see in your project.


Document Submission


Once all drawing and documents are ready, we will submit these on your behalf and act as your agent with the planning department throughout the process.


Application Fee Payment


You will need to make payment to the planning department within 5 days of your application being logged.  We will explain how you do this.




The planning department will confirm that they have everything they need from us and will allocate a case officer for your submission.


Determination Period


The council can take two months to come to a decision on your project.  During this period they may request a site visit.  We will remain in contact with the planning department during this stage to try to gain feedback from them.


Considering Next Steps


Hopefully, you have now gained an approval! So the next stage is to consider building regulations, structural engineering, party wall matters, potential builder and more.


These steps can be carried out before you have a planning approval but this is at your risk.


In the unlikely event of a refusal we will advise of potential next steps

Thanks! Message sent.





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