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3D Visualisations

3D Visualisation


What Is A 3d Visualisation?


Planitel can create stunning photo realistic images of your chosen building or design.  Produced using the latest computer technology.  Our team can offer a complete service by architecturally trained visualizers who fully understand the design process and construction techniques.


Our visuals can be for the interior or exterior of your building.  They can give you a real sense of the space and they can be great for presentations to the planning department or other interested parties.



How Much Is 3d Visualisation? 


Every job is unique, depending on what is needed and the size of the project. Planitel will provide you with a bespoke quotation for your specific needs.  Prices start at just £250.



What Types Of Buildings Can 3d Visualisation Be Completed On? 


Planitel can create 3D visualisations for any building, large or small.  We can produce them as part of the design process on buildings or extensions which we design.  We can also produce the visuals from information provided by you. 

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